What are you doing to mitigate the dangers of COVID-19?

We are taking this on at multiple points.

In the bakery we are fortunate to have a relatively large space and three bakers. We are also a very small team who are exposed to a limited circle of people.  Normal food hygiene rules will apply in terms of wearing protective clothing, handwashing etc.

We’ll be packing bread straight into bags for pre-orders and delivery and using crates for delivery of the remainder to the coffee shop.

The shop will be staffed by a single member of our team.  We have plenty of gloves available for use here - and of course handwashing facilities etc. We’ll use our front window as a service hatch.

We have outlined the process for collecting pre-orders via car with zero physical contact below.  We’ll have a similar process for those collecting on foot.

For delivery we have outlined the process below.

We’ll have daily pre, during and post delivery routines involving rigorous cleaning that we carry out to minimise the chances of cross-contamination.

Can we click and collect from the cafe/coffee shop or the bakery?

Absolutely.  Ordering online to collect from our town centre location will help us manage demand, reduce proximity of customers, reduce wastage and make sure you get exactly what you want.

You can order on the website and it will allow you to select a date and time to collect your bread.  Others can choose the same time so please observe social distancing.  You will approach the coffee shop window, you can tell us your name and we'll find your pre-packed order.  We'll place your order on the bar, once we've retreated back into the shop you can pick up.

Oxford Street is actually open to cars for loading purposes before 10.30am (and we think it's being left open all day at the moment for emergency vehicles) so you can even pull up in your car and call the cafe on 01423-202-363.  We’ll ask you for your order details and that you open your boot. We’ll then walk out with your order place it in your boot, close it up and you'll be good to go.

You can also choose to collect from the bakery site, we limit these slots to 7am-8am daily when we are on site packing your orders.  If you don't manage to make that slot we leave your bread in plastic boxes on a table by the bakery door.

Do you deliver?

Yes. You can enter your postcode in the bar at the top of the website to check if we deliver to your address.

Do you have loaves for sale from the shop?

We take extra loaves/pastries to the shop each day so if you haven't placed an order there may be some availability at the shop but it is limited to the extra loaves we've created during production.

**Updated 16/04/2020** We have been amazed and really pleased with the response locally and especially in North Leeds where to be honest we didn't really think there was much awareness of what we do.

With us dropping to 4 days/week there are some necessary changes to the areas we are operating in.

Wed: Harrogate area.
Thu: Harrogate area plus Ilkley/Otley/Menston/Guiseley. 
Fri:  North Leeds (there will be no Harrogate deliveries this day but you can collect)
Sat:  Harrogate area plus Wetherby/Boston Spa

There is a minimum order value of £20 to qualify for delivery, which is free.

To maintain social distancing your driver will pop your delivery on your doorstep,  give you a call and will wait for you to collect the delivery.

If you are within the delivery radius but the option for delivery isn't showing up in the shopping cart check if you have selected any Other Staples these items are only available to click and collect.

When will our order arrive and can we track our order?

We send you an email on the morning of your delivery that gives you a two hour window for delivery and also a live link to track your driver.  When you are approaching your delivery time it gives you a live updated countdown to our arrival and then a notification when we are on-site.

Take it from us that no-one is more surprised than us to find that we have managed to put this level of sophistication into our delivery process so quickly!

What if I’m outside all of the delivery radii?

We’re afraid during this first week we won’t be able to provide home delivery from our van.  We are looking at other options for expanding the delivery area, we just need to get a handle on what demand is like.

You can also help by filling out this very brief form which we are plotting regularly to get an idea of where there is demand.

We are speaking with some other local businesses who may be interested in stocking our bread and would be prepared to deliver further afield.  We’ll let you know if we get a positive decision from them.

Are your products organic?

No.  We’re using organic flours but not everything we use will be organic and we don’t have the necessary certification from industry bodies.

What flour are you using?

All the flour we are using is being sourced from Shipton Mill and it will be organic.

Can I freeze my bread?

Yes all of the bread can be frozen.  Depending on the product it won't necessarily taste as good as it was when it was freshly baked, but it's good to have a loaf in the freezer for emergencies.

Are you baking gluten free bread?

At this stage we are not able to order the gluten free flour that we need to bake our GF loaf so this will be out of stock for the foreseeable.

How much notice do you need for orders?

Our bread is a bit different to a lot of bread available locally.  We're using some methods to help the taste and texture of our loaves which require one thing above all else - time.

Most loaves involve a pre-ferment where we prepare a sponge that is prepared 24 hours in advance of mixing.  It means we need a little more notice to have your order prepared.  Sourdough is an even more protracted process!

Our website will automatically guide you on when your orders can be placed but generally it's 3 days in advance.  So, if you place your order on Saturday it will be delivered on Wednesday.

Can we order other products?

If there is something you'd like to order from us that isn't appearing please get in touch via our 'Contact Us' page.

What's happened to your cakes?

Our Chief cake decorator Gem isn't available during this period to make all the delicious cakes that you know and love.  As soon as she's back in the game we'll let you know.


Allergen information is available on the page for each product.

Please note that we bake our cakes in a single space so whilst we make every effort to minimise cross-contamination there is the possibility of trace amounts of allergens being present in all our products.