Assistant Head Baker

Bakeri Baltzersen are looking for an experienced baker to join our team as Assistant to the Head Baker at our bakery at Kettlesing Head - 7 Miles outside Harrogate.

Bakeri Baltzersen bakes a range of long fermented sourdough loaves, rye, ciabatta and more traditional yeasted white and granary style loaves/rolls and laminated dough products from scratch.

We are a growing bakery with a balance between supplying our own cafe and bakery shops and providing wholesale supply to many of the best cafes and coffee shops around Leeds, Harrogate and the surrounding areas.


As an experienced baker you’ll already understand the process of feeding a starter, bulking this up and then mixing and shaping loaves. You will be able to scale recipes up using bakers percentages and have an understanding of judging proof of sourdough and yeasted products.

You will have extensive experience of producing viennoiserie products at scale and will be able to bring new eyes to our existing processes.

It is important that you have an eye for detail and are prepared to take responsibility for producing consistent products to a high standard.

One of the biggest tests for bakers is when products are going wrong. You must be able to diagnose potential errors in a process and be able to adjust recipes/processes based on changing environmental conditions.


We already have a team of 12 full-time bakers and this position is a leadership role so you must have confidence in your ability to carry out your duties as a baker whilst setting an excellent example as a leader for more junior bakers

Many of our team have learnt their trade on the job so we're looking for someone who enjoys teaching their colleagues and is comfortable in doing so.

We'd like the Assistant Head Baker to take the lead in either the bread or the pastry room on a daily basis so it'd be useful for us to know which of those roles you would prefer.

You will deputise for the Head Baker on shifts where they are not present and be that subject matter expert on hand to provide guidance as required.


We are open 7 days/week with shifts in various patterns from 6am to 10pm. We bake in the late afternoon and early evening, rather than overnight, to give our packing and delivery team the ability to deliver to our wholesale partners before they open in the morning. nights.

There is no access to the bakery site via public transport so applicants must have the ability to get to work by their own transport.


We are looking for a baker who has extensive experience working in an artisan bakery and ideally within a previous leadership role. We are relatively small but produce up to 20,000 pieces per week so there is some scale.

This post could be ideal for a baker who is looking for a long-term baking role that can offer a little more balance, between work and life, than some other positions.


This position is a full-time post offering a minimum of 40 hours per week.


All members of the team at Bakeri Baltzersen are paid hourly. The starting pay for this position is £16 per hour (equivalent to £33k per annum)


Holidays are calculated on an hourly basis at Bakeri Baltzersen and you accrue holiday for every hour you work.

Start Date

The position is available immediately but we appreciate that you'll likely need to give sufficient notice at you current role and we are prepared to wait for the right candidate.