The Bakeri Baltzersen Shop is now Open!

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Arguably this blog post is a little late in coming because our new bakery shop at 2 Garrick Buildings (next to the theatre) on Oxford Street has been open for nearly 2 weeks already.  We're serving fresh bread, pastries and much more from 8am-3pm every day of the week.

Having said that we know lots of people aren't heading into town quite so often as in the past so we think it's worth letting you know what we have and what we're offering from the bakery shop.

The People

Many of you who collected bread over the last 6 months will recognise Jenny behind the counter when you visit the shop.  Jenny has pretty much been the face of Bakeri Baltzersen since Coronavirus hit so it made sense for her to move down to the new shop.

Another familiar face from around Harrogate has joined us to be the bakery shop manager.  Ben Mingam spent most of the last 10 years involved with great food and was a particular favourite serving lunches in the town centre from his shop Le Gourmet.  He's returned to the area and agreed to head up the new shop for us.

Bread and Pastries

We're stocking the widest range of breads and pastries that the bakery offers.  This will include rolls, speciality loaves, pastries and a selection of cruffins that aren't available from the website.

We will be gauging demand as we go so please don't be disappointed if we've run out of a particular loaf/pastry when you visit.  We're trying to balance having a good selection with minimising waste as much as possible (we donate our bread to local causes at the end of the day).

"Can you slice the bread?"

We have been about slicing bread a lot.....and the answer right now is no.  However, we do have a slicer on its way over from Italy that we're hoping to have in place over the next few weeks.  It will offer you the chance to select the thickness of the bread and slice it yourself.

Bread/Pastry Collections

You can still order online from this website to collect a bread order 7 days a week.  This is probably the easiest way to ensure you can get exactly what you want when you visit the shop.

Food to Go

We always planned that the bakery shop would be the place to sell our bread and pastries but also that we would like to offer some hot and cold food options too.  In typical Baltzersen's fashion we wanted to be able to serve some dishes that weren't available anywhere else, so we have some equipment to help us do this.

Grøt (Porridge).  Grøt is a really popular option at the main cafe and we wanted a way to be able to offer that from the bakery shop.  We'll be serving the same 4 options, including the seasonal porridge, from the cafe.  Grøt is made fresh to order and is gluten free. 

Egg Pots.  We're really pleased with our egg pots which are something we have created especially for this unit.  It combines 3 free range fluffy and rich scrambled  eggs with a range of toppings for a high protein option available throughout the day.

Hot Sandwiches.  We've got a number of hot options that are available as the times change through the day.  These include the bacon/sausage or egg brioche breakfast rolls, a reuben served in a bagel, the classic croque monsieur, filled croissants, toasties and a few other options.

Soup.  A couple of flavours of fresh soup are available on a daily basis to take home or we can prepare it so it's ready to eat immediately.

Cold Options.  A range of cold sandwiches that changes regularly will be available as will a number of Baltz Bowls (salads).

Coffee - Hot drinks and supplies

We are offering coffee/hot drinks to takeaway from the bakery shop - this is instead of people dropping into the cafe or coffee shop space, which frankly isn't ideal for offering this service.

At this stage we are offering single use cups but we have a good supply of our 2GoCups and are happy to use your reusable cups - we'll just take them from you and give them a wash before we fill them.  

The bakery shop is now also the place to purchase your coffee beans which can be ground for your preferred brew method.


So we can definitely say that we're really looking forward to welcoming you into a space that we're really proud of.  It's going to take us a few weeks to do finishing touches, work out what we want to stock in the fridge and add a few flourishes....but generally speaking we think we've got a lovely unit that's fit for purpose in terms of supplying you with bread pastries and a bit of what you fancy.

We hope to see you soon.



  • :) just been in – lovely shop and lovely cakes and bread – congratulations

    Vibeke on

  • This is so exciting to read. Balterzens deliveries got us through lockdown!
    Pleased to read about the bread slicer.
    We will be regular customers.

    Jean Kennett on

  • Your new Bakeri looks amazing.
    Looking forward to a visit, I’ll be heading your way on my days away from work, for sure.
    Wishing you all the very best.
    Terri Spruce

    Terri Spruce on

  • Congratulations – we so enjoy your bread.

    Sue on

  • The shop looks super! Wish I lived near it! Mind you don’t think my waistline could take it!!!

    SallySpragg on

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