Our first week in numbers......

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Tonight is exactly one week since we launched Bakeri Baltzersen.  

This week has been one of the most amazing and exhausting weeks that we can remember at Baltzersen's.  It was reminiscent of those first few weeks at the cafe when everything was new, there were no systems and we had no idea of how many (if any?) guests would be coming through the door.  

Here's a taste of our week in numbers:

1 Van
2 Broken bread slicer blades
3 Bakers
4 Delivery/Packing/Support Staff
146 Deliveries
186kg Retail flour sold
274 Cruffins produced (these have gone crazy!)
318 Click and Collect orders
342 Hours of work
860 Loaves produced
1073 Cinnamon buns produced

Innumerable good luck messages and thank yous

In turn we want to thank all of you for your orders, it means a lot to have your support.  It's a shame that only a few of us are able to continue to serve you.  We are very conscious that this goodwill has been earned over a number of years by many members of the team.  We'll make sure to pass on your good wishes to the rest of the team who are furloughed until we're ready to return.  

We are changing so many things everyday and there is so much more we need to do.  We'll catch our breath and go into next week full of purpose and determination to be better!

Much like last week this evening at midnight is the cut off time for orders to be delivered on Tuesday so if you want anything please do go ahead and place an order.  Sourdough has been requested by a lot of people and is available in three forms (Classic/Fruited/Flavoured) this week.


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